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in new york, hoping their solidarity will force mubarak to resign. the obama administration has not pushed for mubarak to immediately step down. >> his continued leadership is critical. it's his opportunity to write his own legacy. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton also spoke on the crisis while attending an international security crisis. she says it's important egyptian leaders demonstrate an orderly transition is underway to keep the middle east stable. cbs news. >>> vice-president joe biden called egypt's vice-president today stressing the need for a concrete agenda for reform. sarah palin is openly blasting the obama administration's handling of the crisis in egypt. she says obama needs to tell americans what he knows about who will be egypt's next leader. protesters in egypt are getting support here in the streets. hundreds marched from the egyptian embassy to the white house. the crowds were trying to get their message out. >> reporter: for the hundreds of protesters who came out to the north lawn earlier today, the message was a simple one. restore democrac
't reach an agreement on a continuing spending bill. president obama says if the fed freezes the economic recovery will come to a halt as well. the president is urging lawmakers to come together for the sake of americans and the economy. meanwhile, republican senator rob portman is defending the gop proposal for $4 billion in cuts saying the party's goal is to make sensible spending reductions to create more jobs. for more on the countdown to shut down check out our new special section on it is all about the impact it could have on this region. check on the banner of the right side of your home page. >>> synthetic marijuana and bath salts used to get high will soon be against the law in the state of virginia. outlying the chemically treated smoking leaves. and also the salts that users snort will become illegal. banning the chemicals found in so-called safe pot. >>> still ahead this saturday night. union supporters taking to the streets all over the country in a show of solidarity with protestors in the city of wisconsin. the latest on the budget battle. >>> libya is blasted wi
the obama administration is appalling violence in libya. so far, the violence has left more than 200 people dead. the libyan leader spoke to his people and vowed to fight until his last part of blood. the u.s. will evacuate troops tomorrow. >>> in wisconsin, the budget standoff continues tonight with the 14 democrats in the state senate still in hiding and republican governor scott walker upping the ante a bit. he is threatening layoff and allow the vote on the measure that would strip public employee unions of their bargaining rights. but speaking from across state lines, the democrats were not backing down. >> we felt we were compared to use the only constitutional provision available to us which is to deny a quorum so the bill did not get voted. >> the legislation says they're not backing down even. they have accepted the financial give back in exchange for keeping the bargaining rights. the governor said no. he argues the state needs more flexibility. >>> rush limbaugh is taking aim at the first lady's waistline. >> he said it didn't look as if michelle obama was following her own nutri
for cbs news, new york. >> sometime tomorrow u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon will visit president obama. >>> prices at the gas pumps. right now the average price for a gallon of regular gas is $3.35. 20 cents more than we paid a week ago. increase at the pump following a hike in the price of crude oil, the main ingredient in gasoline. >> we just have to accept the fact that $5 a gallon is probably where it is going. >> i drive a lot less. i walk more. i ride my bike. >> i can't control it. >> i have a friend who says it is going to be over $4 this summer. he is convinced. so we will see. >> again, there is public transportation. gas prices haven't been this high since october of 2008. >>> the accuracy of some police breathalizer machines is coming under scrutiny tonight. a council member will holds a hearing on the devices and people will testify about cases where the machines have just been wrong. they have been forced to drop drunk driving charges. >>> still ahead on 9news 9news the mayor talking to us. coming up. >>> march 26th. run through the heart of dc. register at national marat
.m., the travel outlook was bleak, even the last flight to miami left in the morning. president obama has been briefed on the weather conditions by fema and the department of homeland security. the federal government has declared resources already to 11 state and is preparing for all types of scenarios including the potential for widespread power outages across the country. reporting live, 9news now. back to you. >> thank you. >>> right now we're getting sporadic outages from bethesda and pepco says they have 1,000 workers to respond if the lights go out. they've also called in 100 power crews from north carolina and florida as backups. >>> now, as for our roads, it looks like it will get a little tricky out there during the startup of tomorrow's commute. >> that's right. we're out pinpointing some of the trouble spots you will want to avoid if you can. >> reporter: 11 route and the drizzle is light right now but it will get a lot worse just here in fredrick county. right behind me, a prime example of what could be very dangerous in tomorrow morning's commute. overpasses and bridges. >> the br
on the streets of cairo just moments after hosni mubarak stepped away. as soon as president obama heard the news he switched on the television to watch the celebration gripping cairo. >> people of egypt have spoken. their voices have been heard. and egypt will never be the same. >> with all that said a lot of folks tonight are asking what happens next? >> exactly. could egypt's uprising create a domino effect with other nations in the middle east and the arab world? we take a closer look at that possibility live from the egyptian embassy with more. ken. >> reporter: you know that's the big question tonight. a lot of people were asking that same question hours ago here in fronts of the egyptian embassy when hundreds of people came out to celebrate and to cheer on all of this milestone reached in egypt. i spoke to middle east experts earlier today who tell me the answer to this question will be known in the months ahead when all of the jubilation dies down and the changes in egypt have been made. >> reporter: long live egypt is what they chanted outside of the egyptian embassy in washington, dc. h
assets here in the united states. president obama has now ordered that his assets be frozen along with any belongings to his children and the libyan government. president obama says the sanctions are justified because of, quote, libya's continued violation of human rights and brutalization of its people. >>> just ahead on 9 news now. how do you take your coffee? one crash or two? coffee customers getting their morning jolt from a minivan and no caffeine required. >>> and don't touch that dial. it is the 24-hour chicken channel. cluck for your buck. we will check >>> caught on tape. coffee shop chaos. a toyota minivan slams through the front of a massachusetts coffee shop and as you can see it doesn't stop until it hits the back wall. you can't see them there but there are customers in that coffee shop. somehow none of them got hurt. well, after that morning jolt perhaps no need for coffee. in fact, i'm sure some could use a little valium. >>> congratulations it is a girl. and another girl. and a third. a cow surprising her iowa farm family by delivering triplets. triplets are 10 t
of cuts to many government programs. on the chopping block, every dime set aside for president obama's health care overhaul. >> the american people are begging this congress to repeal obama care. >> this is class warfare by the republicans against the working men and women of this nation. >> the president says he'll veto the gop cuts, meaning if the house and senate don't come up with a compromise by march 4th, the entire federal government willen shut down. >>> another huge day of protest at the wisconsin state capital. angry at a bill that aims to end benefits for many state workers. the governor says it's the only way to combat $3.6 billion in deficits. state senators have fled the state that are democrats in order to keep the measure goingto a vote. >>> the final set of rules for making the claim for the gulf oil cleanup. under the rules b.p. will write most oil spill victims a check for two times the amount of losses. b.p. says that's too generous because the company has already paid out $3.4 billion in partial claims, plus another $12 billionfor the cleanup. residents and busin
, and thankfully he was unhurt. >>> the new york times reports tonight the obama administration is in discussion that's could lead to the immediate resignation of hosni mubarak. >> now, they're beginning to call it the day of departure for the egyptian president. gary nurenberg is watching us all for us. what is the latest? >> reporter: the reports that he would step aside under the plan to be replaced by his vice president who would institute reforms and oversee elections for the fall. the common demonstrators -- the pro demonstrators continue to face off. the troops between the two unable to stop the confrontation. clinics overflow with the wounded. outrage followed posting of this video showing a police van slamming into demonstrators and speeding away, similar to this diplomatic car doing the same thing. the government describes reporters as biassed. >> there seems to have been a real campaign today to dismantle satellite dishes, arrest, intimidate, harass journalists. >> reporter: but abc journalists have been freed from cairo but then it gets dicey. then just escaped after being carjacked
are also clashing with security forces in libya and yemen. president obama as condemned the violence in what is shaping up to be another foreign policy stes. >>> tonight customers unable to get through to 911 have been resolved. that from the cell phone provider from a major break down in fairfax and arlington counties toad. at one point, local officials had to turn to facebook and twitter to tell people how to get help. they said there was no rhyme or reason as to why the calls just weren't going through. >> there was no consistency to it, even throughout our testing, led us to not know the source of the problem. >> during the january snowstorm, at least 10,000 calls for help didn't get through. the fcc has now sent a letter to verizon demanding an investigation saying "we are particularly concerned that this problem may be widespread across verizon's footprint". >>> tonight a safety review team is looking into the nightmare of a close call on a metro escalator. a woman nearly lost her leg. >> the escalator just crashed in the last six steps like collapsed and this lady was just lik
of statue of liberty. in new york, cbs news. >> in an interview with fox news anchor, president obama says that egypt will never be the same after the saifl unrest comes -- the civil unrest comes to an end. >>> lots of local businesses keeping an eye on the unrest in egypt. companies in maryland have a prominent trade exporting $400 million to egypt last year a lone. baltimore's port is a key trading hub with egypt, shipping out goods and machinery while receiving natural gas and minerals. the situation is a political earthquake, analysts say, that could change the region forever. that left the obama white house scrambling to stay ahead of the situation. the administration is publicly supporting protesters demands for reform, while privately t rying to nudge mubarak to give up power. >> he's kind of like a high wire artist in which he's got to walk a fine line between wanting mubarak to go, but not go in a way that creates chaos. >> what has happened in egypt has transformed the arab world, and the united states is going to have to fund mentally shift little foreign policy in a way it res
appreciate that. >>> tonight president obama and other world leaders are calling for calm in egypt. but it's not working out that way. if anything, things are getting more violent. late today the streets of cairo erupted into all out battle. on one side, those demanding president mubarak's immediate resignation on the other side, mubarak's supporters. the white house condemned the violence and asked mubarak to start the process of leaving office sooner rather than later. >> president mubarak has a chance to show the world exactly who he is by beginning this transition that is so desperately needed in his country and for his people now. >> the u.s. state department continues to fly americans out of egypt. >>> an a man is credited with helping to organize those protests, omar afifi left egypt after a book he published. >> i hope mubarak and his regime leave. he want to kill me now. >> armed with four computers, several phones, and a map, afifi advised his protesters from his apartment 5800 miles away from egypt. he tells them where to march. he also posts instructional videos on youtube and
unions. that grants gay couples the same rights as married partners. earlier today obama said his administration will no longer legally defend the defense of marriage act. that bans the government from recognizing gay marriage. >>> right now the white house is working through the night trying to get any americans in libya out of libya. they have tried to keep a tight lid on the foreign press, but word tonight is that the militias are literally roaming the streets with orders to hunt down the anti-government protestors. in the eastern half of the nation, a far different scene. groups opposed are planning to stees control of several cities there. >>> well, turning now to the deadly earthquake in new zealand, tonight 76 bodies are lying in a temporary morgue as rescue crews continue to search for more of the missing. >> i heard that my friend they didn't come out. >> i'm sorry. >> it started going like this and we new immediately. >> people were falling on the ground and we went to run out the one exit and it filled with dust from the collapse. >> simply terrifying. there are 250 peo
will sit down for an exclusive interview on channel 9 starting at 7:35 a.m. >>> president obama tomorrow sending his new budget proposal to congress. reducing the benefit by more than $1 trillion over the next decade. two thirds of that reduction would come from spending cuts much the higher education grant program among them. meantime house speaker john baynor is calling on the president to cut some $61 billion in this year's budget. >>> mega book seller filing for bankruptcy as early as tomorrow. the wall street journal report says the number 2 book seller in all of the u.s. plans to close 200 stores. the reported earnings were down by more than 14% over the last crucial holiday period. >>> online discounts sites, groupon offering refunds over a valentine's day deal that turned out to be a dud. some groupon customers complained after discovering that flowers purchased with a groupon coupon were priced lower on the ftd website. they say they didn't do anything wrong but they plan to issue a $20 credit to customers who purchased that ftd groupon coupon. >>> heads up for all the commuters
president obama says too many egyptians remain unconvinced that the government is serious about a genuine transition to democracy, and it is the responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the egyptian people and the world. and the french president says he's worried about the feature. you says i hope with all my heart for their democracy that they take time to create the structures and principles that will help them find the path to democracy and not another form of dictatorship, religious dictator tip, like in iran -- dictatorship like in iran. we should not pretend we're more important than the egyptian people. i don't think i have to respond on this. it's up to the egyptian people to find a way, and do it according to their own constitution, norms and practices. israel deeply concerned that whichever government takes power in cairo continues to honor the peace treatise with the jewish state. >>> coming back here at home in charles county, there has been a tragic setback in efforts to end teenage driving deaths. a 16-year-old died last night in a single car crash in la plata. k
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)